Aug. 16, 2016

William Hare Recommended for Gold CEMARS

William Hare UK signed up to a Carbon Emissions Management and Reduction Scheme (CEMARS) managed by Achilles, which is an ISO14064-1 internationally recognised standard. The auditors who visit annually have recently been back at the beginning of July for two days.

William Hare UK agreed to the commitment of a 2.5% year on year reduction (this is an absolute reduction, not turnover or production based) resulting in 12.5% over five years.

The Company has gone above and beyond this target in achieving an outstanding 20.75% over the five years. This means a 20.75% reduction in energy use across the board including electricity, gas, fuel in vehicles and haulage. This is also particularly commendable when considering the inclusion of the new Wigan Facility in 2014 which will have added to the carbon footprint.

In recognition of this achievement CEMARS are recommending William Hare UK for a new standard of Gold, which is not yet released, however expected later this year.