Nov. 14, 2012

William Hare India celebrates 10th anniversary

November 21st, 2012 was a red-letter day for the employees and families of William Hare India, marking the completion of 10 years of successful operation in Chennai, South India.

Since its founding in November 2002 William Hare India has undertaken the Engineering on many notable projects on behalf of the William Hare Group. Its core strength of 250 technical staff now provides the backbone for the continued growth and expansion of the Group world-wide.

A special evening event was held at a nearby resort to commemorate the 10th Hare India Founding Day, along with the Annual Staff Awards Night and Family Day celebrations. The event was attended by members of the family that owns and runs the William Hare Group together Senior Managers from various locations, all of whom took a hand to honour the high achievers within the Chennai office. A total of 650 employees and their families joined in on the fun and festivities and left the venue with lasting memories of the event for days to come.