Oct. 14, 2016

Structural Steel Design Award Win

William Hare is pleased to announce that the London Olympic Roof Transformation project has won a Structural Steel Design Award (SSDA) 2016. The Structural Steel Design Awards is a long-established award dating back to 1969, designed to celebrate and promote the excellence of steel construction within the United Kingdom.

The awards, organised by the British Steel Constructional Steelwork Association Ltd (BCSA) recognise projects that demonstrate efficiency, aesthetics, sustainability and innovation.

Each year, the SSDA receives many high-quality submissions, and only 5 were selected to win an award in 2016. As a minimum requirement, projects are expected to be both excellent in their architectural design and in engineering terms, as well as being cost effective. So, it is a privilege that William Hare’s steel fabrication, structural engineering and superior project management has been acknowledged by the prestigious award.

The judges commented that “The need to modify the roof and seating of the 2012 Olympic athletics stadium to accommodate a multi-purpose sports venue posed formidable challenges. The geometry and behaviour of the original structure were very complex but, with extremely detailed study and fine engineering skill, most of the original elements have been re-incorporated. The challenges have been met superbly and the project is a triumph for the team and for structural steelwork.”

As well as the successful award win, William Hare also received a Merit for their work on the Leeds Station Southern Entrance project.