Gender Pay Report

What is gender pay gap reporting?

Every year organisations with 250 or more employees must publish data on their gender pay gap. The gender pay gap is a comparison of the average earnings for men and women regardless of the work they do.

Why does it matter?

Gender pay reporting can highlight where there are differences in representation in organisations. For instance, if an organisation has more men than women in well-paid senior roles and more women than men in less well-paid junior roles, then the average pay for men will be higher than for women and there will be a gender pay gap in favour of men. William Hare Limited take a simple approach by respecting each other and champion inclusion which is why the gender balance across our business is an important area of focus for us. Improving our gender balance is an important part of our ongoing commitment to give everyone the chance to make a difference.

Our Results

We are pleased to report that based on the snapshot date of 5th April 2022, William Hare’s mean (average) pay gap of 4.96%, and well below the national average of 8.3% (based on ONS data for April 2022). Our median (middle) pay gap is 0.48% which is nearly equal across both genders.


William Hare Limited is committed to attracting, and retaining, skilled employees that best represent our diverse client base and the communities we serve. We understand that, in order to do this, we must continue to strive for a much more diverse and inclusive workforce, in every way.

Despite there being traditionally fewer women within the construction and engineering industry, with the majority of
senior roles being filled by men; we are seeing a marked change in this trend, and we want William Hare to be leading this change.

Progress so far

This is such a broad ranging area that we know there is still a lot we can do at William Hare Limited to drive change and reduce our gap over time so we will continue to:

We will continue to:

  • Encourage more women into the industry by enhancing our STEM Ambassador network.
  • Commit to rewarding all colleagues equally based on their performance, regardless of gender.
  • Regularly reviewing our pay policies and employee benefits, taking measures to reduce this gap further.
  • Delivering a comprehensive Learning and Development programme to ensure we attract the very best colleagues, and allow for progression within the organisation via a robust talent pipeline.
  • Supporting colleagues to achieve their potential and development aspirations through a performance management and development programme.
  • Provide our employees the opportunity to work in an agile way, whether this is working in our facilities 4 days a week or a balance of working from home and in the office for our salaried support teams.

New for 2023

We will be:

  • Utilising bespoke, definitive Schools Outreach data and insight to encourage more women, girls and people from under-privileged backgrounds into engineering / construction apprenticeship roles and promoting rewarding career paths within the business.
  • Reviewing our approach as to how we engage our employees with Fairness, Inclusion & Respect (FIR) and Wellbeing initiatives. Optimising digital technologies to allow better access to our wellbeing benefits and rewards.
  • Updating and refreshing our suite of compliance e-learning for all our line managers, including the addition of mental health training for managers
  • Upskilling managers to have quality and tailored career conversations, with consideration to different career stages
  • Reviewing our family friendly policies and practices with a view to providing an enhance support package for new parents.

Accuracy Statement

I confirm the gender pay gap data contained in this report is accurate and has been produced in accordance with regulations.

Kirsty Brennan

Head of HR & Training

27th March 2023